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The Government of Punjab has embarked upon a revolutionary initiative of computerization of land records in Punjab province for bringing about a qualitative change in the lives of people. Punjab Land Records Authority has been set up through PLRA Act-2017 under the administrative control of the Board of Revenue, Government of the Punjab. 

Registration of Deeds (ROD) is a complete automation of all types of registries manually maintained registration data being executed at sub-registrar Office. The purpose of this project is to eliminate the chances of any expected frauds, any malady practices during the registration process and bring in speed, efficiency, consistency and corruption free facility. The integrated process is a very positive enhancement of the ARC. The deeds registry integrated operations ensure the records of both systems are in sync along with the security of the transactions on the basis of reliable data.

Through Property Registration system, information is made freely accessible, which has made it harder for any person or group to manipulate land records or land rights.

The cumbersome process of registration of land at sub registrar offices has been simplified through this initiative as community has been given awareness about the requirements, fee structure, processes and time duration of each activity. The new system is not a burden at the parties as no extra fee has been imposed. The system is simple, built on social traits, take cares of customary & informal system, quick and avoids costly experts & fees.

Name of DG

Vision of Director General

Punjab Land Record Authority

Mr.Muhammad Aslam Rao
Director General

Computerization of land records has opened many endeavours in the field of land records management. Introduction of improved Property registration system at the Sub-Registrar Offices is a possible solution to the problems of conventional land registration system.

Based upon the PLRA’s futuristic approach of transforming the manual land records management into an efficient, accountable, secure and transparent system through integrated technology solution, this property registration system was envisaged.

It is my belief that this integration of LRMIS with sub registrar offices is just not an ICT-based solution but it has significantly improved the quality of services, thus improving the land tenure security.Me & my team is committed in implementing the vision of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif for efficient & transparent services to general public.