Complaint Management Cell

An Independent and dedicated Complaint Management Cell has been established to ensure transparency, efficacy and propensity for the management of complaint regarding property registration.

In case of any Complaint with PLRA services or procedure or have an enquiry or suggestion, please get in touch at:

UAN: 042 111 22 22 77

Online Form:

Email us:


Or Fax: (042) 99330127


3rd party M/S ABACUS Ltd. has been hired to provide the services regarding complaints lodged through Universal Access Number 042-111-22-22-77.

And  3rd party M/S systems Ltd. has been hired to provide the services regarding complaints lodged through E-complaint portal.



How to complain

In case of any complaint, the first point of contact is the concerned Service Center Incharge (SCI) posted at Arazi Record Center (ARC) you have been dealing with.

Alternatively, use our E-complaint Form ( ) or Dial our UAN: 042 111 22 22 77

We have set the following escalation levels:

  • 24 hours for acknowledgement of Complaints
  • 3 working days for review and full response
  • If we need more time you’ll be contacted in 3 working days

If you’re dissatisfied by the provided solution, you can re-log the complaint and ask the agent to escalate the level of complaint, final response will be sent from our senior officer. Complaint Escalation level are as follow;

  1. Abacus Consulting (3rd Party for review and Initial Complaint response)
  2. District Administration
  3. The Punjab Ombudsman (Independent complaint Reviewer)

Your complaint will be more responsive by providing following details:

  • Complete Name
  • Computerized National Identification Number
  • Phone Number
  • District
  • Service Center
  • Revenue Estate (mauza) Name


Independent Complaints Reviewer

The Ombudsman Punjab is the Independent Complaint reviewer and focuses exclusively investigation of complaints against the public authorities, government departments or the people who work for them. The Ombudsman may:

  • on a complaint by any aggrieved person; or
  • on a reference by the Government or the Provincial Assembly; or
  • on a motion of the Supreme Court or the High Court; or
  • on his own motion (Suo Moto),

Undertake any investigation into any allegation of maladministration on the part of any Agency or any of its officers or employees. (Section 9(1): The Punjab office of the Ombudsman Act, 1997)

For further information please visit:

Data Services Complaints

If your complaint is related to information about our services ( ) or ( ) you can lodged complaint Form ( )

Or you can contact Punjab Information Commission ( ), who considers complaints relating to breaches of The Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013.     

Land Charges Related Complaints

Land charges are unanimous across Punjab and notified through Fee Notification ( ). So if your complaints is about Land Charges you can contact concerned SCI or Assistant Director Land Records for on the spot resolution.

If you remain dissatisfied with the response then lodged a complaint on our UAN: (042) 111 22 22 77 or fill out our E-complaint form at: (