A flowchart, below here, provides a detailed overview of the steps involved in the process:

No, it is not compulsory to hire a deed writer or lawyer. Parties can themselves visit the Sub-Registrar offices for the registration of property document. However, it is a common practice in Lahore to hire a lawyer or Stamp Vendor to draft the sale purchase agreement. However all the related templates have been uploaded at website. Link

Yes, 3rd Party has been hired for the independent complaint management system. Through telephone 042-111-22-22-77, and 042-111-22-22-88. Also E-complaint  through website. Facebook , Twitter.

Maps and land records and Property Registration  are available free of charge. However the process to obtain the copy of record of rights Fard is,the process of property registration.

Time required for all procedure to transfer a property is 18 days. Breakdown is shown below

  • Get a Fard 1 day
  • Hire a lawyer/deed Writer 1 day
  • Pay taxes/duties 1 day
  • Sub registrar office 15 days

Notification for SRO is attached 

All the mutation attested on the basis of registered deeds does not require parties / witnesses to be present at ARC. All such mutation are being attested automatically.

Yes, all privately held land plot in Lahore are mapped and fully digitized by Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA). These records can be accessed online free of cost.

Yes, Under the Land Acquisition act, Registration Act 1908 and Transfer of Property Act 1882, all property sale transaction are opposable to third party.

Yes, following administrative or legal changes has been implemented since June 1, 2017.

  • Registration Process has been undertaken by PLRA and Processes have been simplified.
  • No need for the advertisement,
  • Fard is being issued in one day,
  • Call center is available for complaint management,
  • Information is available at website,
  • Automatic mutation of registries

Government of the Punjab through some amendment in Stamp Act has launched the E-Stamp papers project. Now, the e-stamp papers are being issued from the Bank of Punjab only. Applicants have to visit the website for the calculation of all dues & printing of challans. After, the challan printed, the applicant visit any of the branch of the Bank of Punjab for the payment and receipt of E-Stamp Papers. An online verification module to verify the genuineness of stamp papers has also been developed and deployed at Sub-Registrar offices. Sub-registrar offices have also been linked with the Revenue offices / Arazi Record Centres for the online transmission of the approved deeds and instant revenue record updating. Now, there is no need to visit the revenue offices for the record updating.

It cost only 400-500 PKR’s only. It took only 30mins to obtain the fard from the Arazi Record Centers across Punjab. Now, the record has been digitized and cleansed. Same has also been made available at website thus making it more transparent & error free.

Break down of Fard Fee.

Fees Charge

Khatuni Count

Rs. 50


Rs. 100


Rs. 150

3 or more than 3

*In case of shared Khewat Rs. 50 charge per Khatuni

*Fee Notification

*Mutation Fee

*PLRA Processing Fee

It is not required legally nor in practice. As of now all the revenue record has been published at website so buyer / seller verify the record digitally or can visit the Arazi Record Centers for verification of record.

Now it takes only 1 day to hire the deed writer & complete the writing of registry, as templates have been published at PLRA website and required documents are placed on website. However any party can complete the agreement by himself/herself using the standardized templates.

The payment procedures for the all the duties has also been simplified. Payment is now being made at branches of Bank of Punjab only and the receipt is being issued by the Bank of Punjab. Moreover, only the Bank of Punjab is issuing the e-stamp papers. Now, there is no need to visit the Government treasury for the collection of stamp paper and for the verification of fee.

See Charges at Registration of Deed(ROD)

No, it is not compulsory to get a receipt of payment from the Stamp office. Bank of Punjab collects the fee which is being calculated through online challan generation and challan for bank is also being printed online. Bank of Punjab is issuing the stamp papers. Sub-registrar office has a direct link with the Bank to verify the stamp papers / fee deposited.

The process at the Sub-Registrar has been simplified and improved to a great extent. Now, the computer section has been developed at the Sub-Registrar offices and each sale deed given a unique number against a token issued. All the pictures and thumb impressions are being captured digitally. The verification of Fard (ownership document) has also been made online from the sub-registrar office as all LRMIS Centers have been linked with the Sub-Registrar Offices. So, the time taken for the execution & registration of a document has been reduced to 15 days.

Now the transfer of registered deeds to LRMIS Centers has also been automated. Now, as soon as the registered deed signed by the Sub-Registrar, it transferred automatically to the inbox of the Assistant Director Land Records (responsible for attestation of mutation) after the scanning of all approved deeds. The process of mutation takes place automatically and updation of revenue record made on the website as well. This process has been made as a compulsory part of the execution & registration of deed.

The fastest time in practice to transfer a property between two limited liability companies is 5 days and the slowest time in practice to transfer a property between two limited liability companies is 18 days.

Punjab Land Records Authority is institution in charge of immovable property registration in Lahore under the Administrative control of Board of Revenue, Punjab. Punjab Land Records Authority

The majority of title/deed records in Lahore held are in fully digital format. All those record can be searched from the website property registration Registration of Deed(ROD).

Yes, Punjab Land Records Authority is maintaining both immovable property registration record and the mapping record in different but linked databases.

The immovable property registration agency and cadastral/mapping agency use the same identification number for properties and that’s Khasra number.

Freely accessible by anyone information on land ownership at the agency in charge of immovable property registration in Lahore. Link

Yes, the list of documents that are required to complete any type of property transaction made publicly available online. Can be accessed from Registration of Deed(ROD)

Anyone who pays the official fee can consult the plans in Lahore. URL

Yes, online, through legislation and fee schedule also placed at offices of Sub-registrar and Arazi Record Centers.

Yes, every privately held land plot in Lahore formally registered at the Punjab Land Records Authority through Sub-registrar offices & Arazi Record Centers.

Yes, every privately held land plot in the economy (Pakistan) formally registered at the immovable property registry, maintained at Sub Registrar offices.

Yes, as per Land Acquisition Act, Registration Act 1908 and Transfer of Property Act 1882, all property sale transactions be registered at Punjab Land Records Authority through Sub-Registrar offices & Arazi Record Centers.

LRMIS Database, All the court orders are being digitally incorporated in the LRMIS database. Link