Nadra Verification Process:

  1. All the persons who want to obtain fard for record or for transaction are being verified through NADRA BIOSYS.
  2. All the sellers, buyers and other applicants are being verified through the NADRA BIOSYS verification utility.
  3. NADRA BIOSYS Verification counter has be established.
  4. If a finger/thumb impression is not matched with NADRA, the verification process is being continued with all possible options until a fingers/thumbs is matched.
  5. The fee per verification from NADRA is Rs. 20/- regardless of the finger/thumb impression matches or not.
  6. The applicants are being provided with system generated fee receipt.


Collection Booth:

Establishment of BOP collection booth at each Araazi Record Center. These booth are collecting the "Fard Fee" and "Mutation Fee" from clients at Araazi Record Center. Previously land owner have to deposit mutation fee in National Bank of Pakistan, which are far from Araazi Recod Center.